Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pixel Gun 3D First Person Shooter App (Android)

Pixel Gun 3D is a first person shooter that is free to download in the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store. I would recommend a kind of new device, because it is in HD. The main idea in the game is to defeat the other team or the other players, to win gold, get experience, and add more victories to your Multiplayer Mode profile. If you want to be alone, you can play levels where you have to destroy all of the monsters before time runs out. Or, you can fight endless waves of monsters, seeing how many you can kill before you die in Single Player Mode.
Pixel Gun 3D home screen with leaderboard
This is one of the funnest games I have ever played. I only have two problems with it. One thing is that, most of the time, my weekly wins are more than my total wins. The other thing is that it is hard to earn coins. When you level up, you only get about half as much as you need to upgrade your armor, much less enough to buy a weapon that vaporizes people. I like how they based the game on Minecraft, because my brother, my sister, and I like Minecraft. I would recommend it to people age 10+. (Pixel Gun 3D, not Minecraft.)

Pixel Gun 3D D-Day map for capture the flag
My favorite map, is the one based on D-Day. There are tons of good spots for sniping high up in the red team's base. But, the blue team's base is hard to access, because there is a lot of barbed wire and fire in front of it. (Please note: this map is only available for capture the flag.)

Pixel Gun 3D player profile
Other things I like are how you can upgrade your armor, from wood, to iron, to gold, and then to crystal/diamond. Also, I like how you can upgrade most of the weapons one or two times, to make them have a better fire rate, bigger ammo clip, do more damage, and look cooler.

Pixel Gun 3D weapons, armor, skins, and gear shop
As for weapons, my favorite one (so far) has to be the Fast Death pistol upgraded twice. My favorite melee weapon (so far) is the Chainsaw. It has little laser blades that vaporize people when you kill them. My favorite rifle is the Assault Rifle upgraded twice, because it kills people faster than my pistol, it has a combat knife strapped to the end, and it has a 4x scope so you can aim from really far away.

So, in conclusion, with a few small tweaks, this could easily be the best game I have ever played. Please recommend any games that you think I'll like by leaving a comment!

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