Sunday, July 24, 2016

Vlogger Go Viral: Costumes Update & More

Vlogger Go Viral Costumes Update - Homepage  |  For Gamers Like Me
Vlogger Go Viral recently had a large update, and there was a person, that was not in the original game, on the app logo. I opened the game after the update and it introduced skins/costumes to the game.  I saved up my diamonds and bought one that I liked.  There were also new upgrades, which was exciting.
Vlogger Go Viral Costumes Update - Themes  |  For Gamers Like Me
On the theme page for new videos, there is a new setup, and the locked themes were cheaper.  I, again, saved up my diamonds, and bought gaming. (Finally!)   The new upgrades, (the ones I unlocked) were decorations for the desk and wallpaper colors.
Vlogger Go Viral Costumes Update - Publish  |  For Gamers Like Me

You can still publish videos and make new channels.  There are some new comments to discover on your vlog page and some new animations in your videos.  All of the other comments and animations are still there, including the pineapple.
Vlogger Go Viral New Costumes Update  |  For Gamers Like Me

There are many costumes to unlock, like football players, Aztecs, robots, aliens, elves, etc. I personally want the alien or the robot.  It would go well with my scouter hat.
Vlogger Go Viral Costumes Update - Channel  |  For Gamers Like Me
 In conclusion, the new updates make Vlogger Go Viral even more fun.  I'll play more often in hopes obtaining one of these new skins.

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