Monday, December 12, 2016

Castle Tycoon - A Free Tycoon Game On Roblox

Castle Tycoon on Roblox - For Gamers Like Me
On Roblox, a tycoon is where you walk around your base, and purchase items for your base and your production line to make more money or to defend your base. Castle Tycoon is about building, defending, and running a castle in medieval times.  There are two other castles rivaling yours, with other player as the kings and queens.

Castle Tycoon Throne Room in Roblox - For Gamers Like Me
As you build up, you unlock new production lines. There is a bar, a library, a blacksmith, and a kitchen.

Other player will try to kill you and take your gold, so you need guards and weapons. Under your final tower, there is an armory where you can buy armor and weapons.  There are enchanted spears, enchanted bows, and swords, to name a few. There are also quite a few hats, helmets, a dominus (a winged hood with effects), and even an ancient helmet.

This tycoon has tons of content and lots of detail.  People who like business-running games would enjoy this tycoon.

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