Saturday, December 3, 2016

Whatever Floats Your Boat - A Free Survival Game On Roblox

Whatever Floats Your Boat Spawn Point | For Gamers Like Me
Whatever Floats Your Boat is a free survival game on Roblox with action and danger.  Your job is to build a boat out of various materials from the shop.  When the flood starts, you, and all the other players will get weapons to defend or destroy boats.  Your boat can be destroyed, part by part.  Often times, before the flood starts, you will see a yellow beacon and a green crate on the ground.  The crate contains a rare gun or a rare part - but only for one round.

Whatever Floats Your Boat | For Gamers Like Me
When the flood starts, water will rise and you will get a sword and a pistol, if you didn't get a crate before.  Watch out for other players without a boat trying to jump on without permission. You can team with other players, so you can spawn on their boat and your own.

This is a very fun a exciting game on Roblox, with 119 thousand favorites and 34 thousand likes.  I think people who like survival games or PvP would like this game.

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