Friday, July 21, 2017

Summoners War - A Monster Summoning Adventure Game

Summoners War | For Gamers Like Me | Powering Up
The altar used for powering up monsters.
Summoner's War is a mobile game where you summon monsters to battle corruption across the realm. You can summon Hellhounds, swordsmen, fairies, and even Yetis. To do so, you use the magic summoning portal. The portal is located in your flying island. The Island is set up like the bases in Clash of Clans in terms of building capabilities.  You can use monsters you aren't using in battle to power up your powerful ones in the Altar pictured above.

Summoners War | For Gamers Like Me | Boss Battle
The Hall of Magic boss.
On story missions, you battle monsters to free the world from evil and corrupted people. In addition to that, there are harder modes to conquer, like Normal, Hard, Hell, for example.  There is also a Pvp arena (The Sky Arena) where you can battle your NPC rivals, or other players from around the world. Also, every 3 days a new boss dungeon arrives and you can beat it until the three days are over. An example would be The Hall of Magic (Above). When you beat these you get lesser, middle, or higher essence of a element that you use to Awaken a monster. When you awaken them, they become a special monster. Before they were just a Bounty Hunter or a yeti, but now they have names and cosmetic upgrades too.

Overall, this game is fun, but it takes a little getting used to before you can enjoy it fully.

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