Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vehicle Simulator {Latest Updates} - An Open World Driving Game On Roblox

Vehicle Simulator | For Gamers Like Me | The Peak
The newer mountain. (Ft. SavageBOI (Center) + Danpika (Far Left) )
 Vehicle Simulator recently went under some big changes. Such as, the new map last year, release, new game passes, and many new cars. Last time I wrote about this game, I was a Beta tester and was very impressed with the game, playing often.  Now, I play more because there is so much more stuff to see and do. There are new races, some are familiar to the old ones. There are two new drag strips. Circuit races include The Highway race, Drifting at the Shipping Yards, and the Track. In addition, there are more fun game modes like Soccar, (Like Rocket League), or Hot Pursuit, where the cops have to catch the criminal(s).

Vehicle Simulator | For Gamers Like Me | Police Cruise
Being a cop is now free, but to have more features you need the SWAT game pass.
There are new game passes to buy, and they are all useful. The new SWAT game pass lets you put sirens and bumpers on your cars. They also get a Taser and more refined speed gun. There is Pocket Auto shop, which lets you modify your car on the go, a car Radio game pass, A Tow Truck, Insanity, which almost doubles your cars speed, and finally incognito mode, which hides your avatar on the map.

Overall, this game keeps getting better, every update brings something new to the game. It's still one of my favorites.

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