Wednesday, October 4, 2017

HomeScapes - A Fun Match Three Game With A Story

HomeScapes | For Gamers Like Me | Entry Hall
The Currently-In-Renovation entry hall.
 HomeScapes is a fun match three that tells the story of a butler coming home to his childhood house. However, the vacation is not what he thought it would be. The house has gone through some nasty changes due to its age. Cracked floorboards, dust everywhere, its horrific. Being the proud butler he is, he decides to fix his old home. There is a catch though. His parents have decided to sell it to anyone who would pay enough. The point of the game is to fix the house and convince his parents to not sell it.

HomeScapes | For Gamers Like Me | Level 24
A particularly hard level that has me trying over and over again.
The match three levels in this game are crucial. You need them to gain energy, to begin to fix the house. The levels have a steep learning curve and they could have multiple objectives. Eventually, the house begins to come together due to your efforts. There is a feature where you can buy different furniture to exchange with the existing set. You keep all of the furniture that you earn. You can make the house look different altogether. The walls, the floor, the stairs, its all going to change in this fun story game.

I highly recommend this game to people who played GardenScapes or Candy Crush.

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