Friday, August 3, 2018

Why I Pre-Ordered Forza Horizon 4

This October, Forza Horizon 4 will be released. I pre-ordered it on my Xbox for a few reasons. I really liked the open world of the last game and how large the map was. There was so much to do, and each experience was different from the other because all of the locations were different. There was enough races to keep you entertained for hours. I look forward to having that kind of freedom and having that much to do again.

Off-roading is another reason that I want this game, not many other games have this much off-road content. The Forza Motorsport series did not have it. Need For Speed Payback and The Crew 2 did have some, but the amount of off-road races in FH4 are in the double digits.

Another major reason I pre-ordered this game are the seasons. There are fluid seasons that advance while you play the game, so there is a lake in the summer but an ice rink in the winter. This also affects what tires work when, and what it's like to race during that season.

You can also buy houses to walk around and park your cars in. You can walk around other player's houses in multiplayer and see their garages. This means that you can also customize your character beyond their faces. You can get suits or shorts or neon purple chicken suits.

You can pre-order Standard, Deluxe, or Ultimate Edition. Standard comes with the game and the formula drift car pack. Deluxe comes with the formula drift car pack and the car pass. Ultimate edition, which is what I opted for, comes with both upcoming expansions, the car pass, the formula drift car pack, VIP and the day one pack.

This game has so much more to offer than the already amazing FH3, and I definitely would recommend pre-ordering it.

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