Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Star Wars The Old Republic - A MMORPG With Everything You Could Ask For

SWTOR | Character Select | For Gamers Like Me
 Star Wars The Old Republic is a free MMORPG with so much content that it keeps me coming back to it even after I finish a character or complete an expansion. You can pick eight different class stories, each with three unique chapters. Then there are four expansions, that are free, that you can complete. The classes each have two sub classes. The sub classes each focus on damage, tanking or healing. Most of the sub classes are damage-based. They make a difference in how you play, with different light sabers or more abilities of one type.

SWTOR | Gameplay | For Gamers Like Me
There are many planets to explore, such as Tatooine or Coruscant. Once you beat the second planet and earn a ship, you can go to any one of the planets that you want or need to go to. Each planet has a map you uncover as you explore, and different areas involving different quests. Each planet is different and has different enemies. Cities have thugs and criminals, deserts have sand people and animals, and jungles have giant beasts.

SWTOR | Combat | For Gamers Like Me
The combat in this game is much like other MMORPGs but it is a little different because some moves combo with other moves and take less time to use. Another important aspect of combat is your companion. You can set your companion to Heal, Tank, or deal Damage.

I'd highly recommend this game to anyone who likes World of Warcraft or is a fan of Star Wars.

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